Standing still means falling behind

Nowadays, companies that want to be successful on the market must be one thing above all, and that is flexible. Here, the optimization of production processes is an important factor. Often, it’s necessary to restructure production areas and reassess the sites of individual production systems and machines. When doing this, complex systems, individual machines or even entire production lines must be relocated.
We have the know-how and the technical means to support you with internal or external relocation and to implement the project quickly and smoothly.

An overview of our services:

Project management

  • Schedule and process planning
  • Coordination of everyone who is involved in the relocation
  • Transport logistics and packaging
  • Documentation of the project


  • Dismantling
  • Labeling
  • Cleaning
  • Packaging¬†


  • Setup
  • Connection of the supply and waste disposal lines
  • Cleaning

After final reassembly and commissioning, we hand the systems over to your production specialists. An appropriate briefing concerning the machine is of course also provided.